Supporting youth from Ukraine
in building hope, building futures, and facing forward

In leaving all they know behind, the lives of young Ukrainians have been severely disrupted. Our purpose is to support these youth in reclaiming present reality and rebuilding the future.

Our Mission

Why did we create this program?

Our goal is to streng­t­hen future per­spec­ti­ves for the youth of Ukrai­ne and deve­lop and build them wit­hin the con­text of prac­ti­cal acti­vi­ties and initia­ti­ves – such as work­shops, cul­tu­ral events and cha­ri­ta­ble projects.

By this, we aim to fos­ter self-effi­cacy and hope of youth, and at the same time sup­port con­cre­te initia­ti­ves for rebuil­ding and fur­ther deve­lo­ping social, sus­tainab­le structures.

We want to beco­me allies for life – both in terms of the many facets that life offers, as well as for a long time – and at the same time encou­ra­ge count­less con­nec­tions bet­ween young peop­le with ide­as for a bet­ter future and moti­va­ti­on to put visi­ons into action.

Program Content

What is it about?

In the pre­sent, we focus on edu­ca­tio­nal sup­port, per­so­nal deve­lo­p­ment and fos­te­ring mea­ning­ful con­nec­tion among peers, ther­eby streng­t­he­ning young people’s poten­ti­al and capa­ci­ties in collaboration.

In loo­king towards the future, we explo­re lea­ders­hip, empowe­ring young peop­le to dis­co­ver the chan­ces and respon­si­bi­li­ties they can embrace in rebuil­ding a resi­li­ent socie­ty. Youth dis­co­ver the many facets of par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on, envi­sio­ning a future they are pas­sio­na­te about, and beco­m­ing empowe­red to build it step by step and sus­tainab­ly, in prac­ti­cal actions initia­ted wit­hin the pro­gram and aiming to grow far bey­ond it.

In this, we uphold our aim of beco­m­ing allies for life – par­ti­ci­pants build a resi­li­ent and mea­ning­ful net­work that accom­pa­nies them on a jour­ney of a life­time, and the pro­gram its­elf upholds a simp­le princip­le: To meet unspeaka­ble aggres­si­on with the defi­ant empha­sis of flourishing.

Widening the scope

Let us collaborate.

We are con­ti­nuous­ly loo­king for NGOs (ide­al­ly with a con­nec­tion to youth, edu­ca­ti­on, social or cul­tu­ral topics) to col­la­bo­ra­te with to widen the reach of the pro­ject. Together, we would coor­di­na­te and/or imple­ment work­shops and events for youth in local and regio­nal settings.

Throughout the pro­gram, we also coope­ra­te with schools and public institutions.

Three Levels of Development

The Allies for Life pro­gram acts on three levels:

1 | Personal

Building Hope

1A | Edu­ca­tio­nal support

1B | Inner com­pass events and content

  • The per­so­nal level focu­ses on con­ti­nui­ty in edu­ca­ti­on, hel­ping youth in over­co­m­ing gaps and chal­len­ges by addi­tio­nal assistance.

    It fur­ther encou­ra­ges explo­ring the inner com­pass, offe­ring expe­ri­en­ces and con­tent of mind­ful­ness and crea­ti­ve expres­si­on to assist in reca­li­bra­ting wit­hin a new reality.

2 | Social

Building Futures

2A | Cul­tu­ral events

2B | Dia­lo­gues and networking

  • In com­ing together with peers, spaces are crea­ted for mea­ning­ful dia­lo­gue, buil­ding empa­thy and soli­da­ri­ty, and assis­ting youth in beco­m­ing glo­bal citi­zens showing both cou­ra­ge and compassion.

    To appre­cia­te, cele­bra­te and share the uni­que cul­tu­ral heri­ta­ge of Ukrai­ne, cul­tu­ral events are co-crea­ted with youth.

3 | Societal

Facing Forward

3A | Lea­ders­hip toolkit

3B | Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on initiatives

  • Youth are invi­ted, encou­ra­ged, and empowe­red to explo­re their role and chan­ce in shaping the socie­ty they wish to live in. An empha­sis lies on espe­cial­ly utilizing
    green and inclu­si­ve approa­ches. By expe­ri­en­cing dif­fe­rent aspects of lea­ders­hip, and deve­lo­ping own visi­ons that are sup­por­ted in imple­men­ta­ti­on, par­ti­ci­pants dis­co­ver civic par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in sus­tainab­le and per­so­nal­ly mea­ning­ful ways.


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